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Select the desired ride tab below then click or tap on the individual route links if available to access your desired route or the Combined Routes page.  Helmets are required on all club rides. When joining us the first time, please bring a signed waiver to the start; download it here.

NOTE: The first tab is not an upcoming ride. It is a retrospective on some of our past rides to hopefully pique your interest.  The rest are upcoming rides.

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NOTE: Based on the Los Angeles County Protocol for Youth and Adult Recreational Sports, we have now determined that the club may resume the regular scheduling of club rides.  Recent CDC pronouncements indicate that cycling is safe without a mask for VACCINATED people. Most club members have already been vaccinated. We urge all potential riders to become vaccinated before riding with us.

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Triple Dipper South Bay Ride
Off To The Races
Bikeways of Orange County
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Every Thursday, 8:30 a.m. (unless otherwise specified). 

Start Location: Ballona Creek Bridge.  From I405 exit Culver Blvd and head West or take Rte 90 West and take Culver Blvd exit turn left. Right on Esplanade St, left on Convoy St, and right on Pacific Avenue. Park by the Lagoon on the right. The bridge is about 2 blocks North on Pacific.

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Riders usually goes South to Palos Verdes on the bike path and then do some riding on the Peninsula. There are optional climbs including the 3 “dips” which give the ride its name. The group usually stops for a break at the Golden Cove shopping area. Occasionally the group will decide to vary the route and explore specific sites elsewhere in the city. A typical day is 40 - 50 miles but often individual riders either cut the day short or add extra miles as desired.  Contact Nancy Domjanovich nancydomx@nullicloud.com for details.

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We hope to see you there!

Sunday,  July  14  – 8:30 a.m   

Start Location: THE "CORNER", Olympic Blvd, 1 block west of La Cienega in Beverly Hills.  From the Santa Monica Frwy (10), off & north La Cienega 12 miles, L - Olympic 1 block to R- Le Doux.

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For many many years (with a few off for Covid) Manhattan Beach has hosted the Grand Prix bicycle races each summer. For almost as long our club has held a ride from the “Corner” down to Manhattan Beach to watch the races and then return. These are circuit races meaning the cyclists race several laps around a course of a mile or two and that makes them easy to watch. Simply stand somewhere on the course (preferably near the finish line) and the racers will come around every few minutes. It’s a thrill to watch them whiz by. There are actually several races during the day (different classes etc.), so you can show up almost any time and see the exciting finish of a race. Assuming we won’t be getting down there before 10 a.m., here’s the race schedule taken from their web site:

  • 40+ Cat 1-310:15
  • Men Cat 3 State Champ11:10
  • Kids Races12:00
  • Men Pro +1+2 State Championships1:00
  • Women Pro+1+2+3 State Championships2:35
  • Men Cat 5 & Novice3.35

You can choose which you would like to see. As to our routes, we have the usual three choices. The short route is just a ride from the “Corner” down to Manhattan Beach and back with a rest in the middle as you watch some racing. For those wanting a little more, there are the long and medium routes which add a trip into Palos Verdes before getting to the races. The medium only goes to Golden Cove on the west side of the peninsula, where it stops for lunch, and then it returns to the races. Traditionally, the long makes a complete loop around the peninsula. However, Palos Verdes Drive through Portuguese Bend is closed to bicycle traffic due to the landslide. So a shorter version is provided which goes up and over Hawthorne and down Crenshaw instead of completely around the peninsula. This cuts about 7 miles off the traditional long, but keeps about the same amount of climbing. Both the long and medium stop in Manhattan Beach to take in the races on their return. As you can see by the above schedule, racing goes on all day, so even if you ride the long, you should be able to see some racing. Then you can go home and catch a replay of today’s stage of the Tour de France which is racing of an entirely different sort. 

 Sunday,  July 21st – 8:00 a.m   

Start Location: EL DORADO PARK In Long Beach. From San Diego Frwy (405), off & North/East on Studebaker 1 mi. to Park. Park in Library lot on right just before Spring Street.

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These centuries are our centuries of the month for July. We rode these routes only last November, but I have a limited number of coastal centuries to choose from for the hot months and it turns out two of them, which I would have preferred to run, use the portion of  Palos Verdes Drive which is currently closed to cyclists so they are out. Although these are not entirely coastal routes, they do end with a long run along the coast from Huntington Beach back to Long Beach during what would probably be the hottest portion of the day. While we often ride the Santa Ana River trail or the San Diego Creek trail in Orange County, these routes are designed to use some of the lesser known bike trails in the county. The principal trail (only on the full century) is the Aliso Creek trail. This is an interesting trail which follows Aliso Creek from near Cook’s Corner down close to the ocean. It winds and twists a lot sometimes going through parks and other times running right down in the channel with the creek. Another oddity is that there is a break in the middle where you would need to get off the path for a short distance and then pick it up again. Today the full century rides most of that trail but in two pieces. After riding the first portion of the Aliso Creek trail from the north down to where there is the break in the trail, we leave Aliso Creek to go do a good climb or two thrown in for variety. Then we get back on the Aliso Creek trail near the southern end and ride up to a point near where we had to get off earlier. The metric version stays with the full century through some of the early bike trails and then cuts off to later meet up with the full century as it makes a 14 mile run back up the coast to the start. The metric century cuts off most of the climbing of the full century. Besides Aliso Creek, the routes hit several other trails you may not have seen before. With much of the ride on bike trails, the course is relatively flat. The really good news is that you don’t have to drive down to Orange County to do these rides. We start from El Dorado Park in Long Beach – about a half hour drive from West LA. 

All Newcomer Rides are announced on our Meetup Group...

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Typically we offer one or two Sunday rides per month; these are announced around the middle of the prior week.  Join the Meetup Group to receive email notices.



For possible announcements such as road closures, weather conditions or any other related comments, look for the matching event by ride name on our Facebook pages using the links below.

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