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Kick-off Century – January 1

Start the year with a century! Wheelmen believe that if you ride a century on the first day of the year, you are ready for a great year of cycling. This traditional ride is pretty easy as centuries go: north from Malibu and up the coast to Ventura and return. No support or sag, but none needed. No hills bigger than the ones along PCH. If a century is beyond your ability right now, ride part way and turn around. January 1st is a fairly quiet day on PCH because everyone is watching football or home with a hangover. Route sheets will available on the website before and on January 1. Start: Malibu Civic Center. Guests: Bring a signed waiver <link>. Free.


Rose Parade Ride – January 1 (unless that’s a Sunday, then January 2)

This is a Wheelmen tradition for folks who prefer a leisurely day. It starts at 7 a.m. but is only 14 miles with LOTS to look at. See the floats of the Tournament of Roses Parade at their staging area, just seven miles from the start. Then ride to a vantage point of your choice after 8 a.m. to see the floats in motion. Seeing the parade in person is a much different experience than seeing it on TV. This is the best way – free parking and no traffic hassles getting in and out of Pasadena!  We are often joined by riders from the San Fernando Club and from Orange County. Start: Alhambra Park, Alhambra. Guests: bring a signed waiver <link>. Free.


Janus Sequential Centuries – January Weekend

Ride a century on Saturday and the next day on Sunday ride the SAME century in the OPPOSITE direction. January is the festival month of Janus, the ancient Roman god of beginnings and endings, gates and doors, and he looks both forward and backward, inspiring these routes. Here’s your chance to go both up and down each of these “popular” hilly grades. Norwegian Grade, Grimes Canyon, Dennison Grade, and Potrero Road. The countryside is scenic: Lake Sherwood, Hidden Valley, San Antonio Creek, Upper Ojai Valley, Sisar Creek, and South Mountain Road. Sequential Centuries are physically easier than a Double Century, but the mental demands are much greater, particularly on the second morning when the body would much rather stay in bed. No support. Private sags permitted. Riders are welcome on both days or either day. The Sunday ride is slightly easier. Check the ride schedule for start times and locations. Guests: bring a signed waiver <link>. Free.


Fargo Street Hill Climb – Mid-March

Fargo Street is one block long, but one tough climb: It is among the steepest streets in Los Angeles with a 32% grade. This stimulating event is a Wheelmen tradition. Each year we ride from The Corner to watch cyclists charge to the top of Fargo Street – or get there in some unique style. One rule: You can’t put a foot on the pavement. Many fail, but many succeed, often multiple times. The reward: Bragging rights and a handsome commemorative Fargo Street patch. Everyone is welcome to start the climb and heartily and noisily encouraged to reach the top. Hill Climb Location: intersection of Fargo and Allesandro Streets, near the south end of the Glendale Freeway. Start: The Corner, Le Doux Road at Olympic Blvd, 1 block west of La Cienega Blvd. Guests: bring a signed waiver <link>. Free.  For this year’s event, click here.


Grand Tour Saturday Training Rides  – Spring through June

Beginning in late March or early April, these Saturday training rides become increasingly difficult to help riders get ready for the Grand Tour. Our pledge: If you ride these trainers faithfully, you should be well prepared for the Grand Tour. Check the ride schedule in March or April for the start of the Saturday training rides. Guests: bring a signed waiver <link>. Free.


Firecracker Special – July 4th

Celebrate our nation’s birthday! Show your patriotism in your favorite red–white-and-blue jersey or shorts! This annual Independence Day Ride begins in Long Beach and meanders through the area. Everyone lunches in Belmont Shores. Long is 47 miles and 800 feet of climbing on a run up Signal Hill. The 37-mile Medium skips the climb, and the short is 24 miles. Start: El Dorado Park Library Lot, Long Beach, just before Spring Street. Guests: bring a signed waiver <link>. Free.


Watermelon Ride – July

In the heat of the summer, this ride starts start in Culver City at Carlson Park. It features two relatively short and easy routes. Both head to the coast. The Medium then heads south to Palos Verdes and back. The Short heads north to Santa Monica and back. When you get back to the part, enjoy nice cool watermelon under the trees. Guests: bring a signed waiver <link>. Free.


Ice Cream Social – August

This ride is officially the South Bay Ramble with three routes: Long 56 miles, Medium 45 Short 35. All routes start in Westchester and head to Palos Verdes and back. The long circles the peninsula clockwise. The medium goes as far as the whale watch before returning. The short tours the Malaga Cove area before returning. All routes are relatively easy. The goal is a friendly and leisurely pace because this is a day to be social. At the end we meet for ice cream at a member’s home nearby. Guests: bring a signed waiver <link>. Free.


Thanksgiving Ride – Thanksgiving morning

Every year we gather at The Corner and ride to the overlook in Pacific Palisades and back. Three options: Long 39 miles and 1,100 feet, Medium 36 and 1,000 feet, Short 27 miles. All routes are short and easy, leaving you plenty of time to go home and have a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner. Route sheets are available on the website before and on Thanksgiving Day. Guests: bring a signed waiver <link>. Free.

START: The Corner: Le Doux Road at Olympic Blvd, 1 block west of La Cienega Blvd. Guests: bring a signed waiver <link>. Free.


Dead of Winter Double – Saturday, Late November or Early December

This popular double was resurrected in 2013 after 20 years of hibernation. This low-cost ride is intended as a last-chance double for California Triple Crown candidates and fans of the Grand Tour. It begins on PCH in Port Hueneme and takes the Grand Tour Lowland Route, switching to the Highland Route in Ojai. Support is minimum: water and Hammer Nutrition products at all rest stops with roving SAG for the duration. The Dead of Winter is limited to 75 riders to minimize cost and maximize attention to safety.


Christmas Day Ride – Christmas morning

If you opened your presents to find a new bike, you can ride it today! Route sheets are available on the website before and on Christmas Day. START: The Corner: Le Doux Road at Olympic Blvd, 1 block west of La Cienega Blvd. Guests: bring a signed waiver <link>. Free.



Please bring the completed waiver to the ride leader or club officer at the ride start.

Corner Riders: One-time use.