Fargo Street 2014

Sunday, March 23rd

By Kermit Ganier

Sixty three brave souls attempted the hill and thirty five riders climbed the hill at least one time.  11 riders climbed only one time and 9 riders climbed 10 or more times.

There were three ElliptiGos and two unicycles.

The youngest rider was thirteen years old.
The oldest rider was 80 years young and climbed the hill six times.

There were three women riders this year.

The average age attempting the hill was 46.1 years.
The average age completing at least one climb was 47.8 years.

There is a new women’s record 103 climbs.
There is also a new men’s record 113 climbs.

These new records were set in eight hours…Max time allowed is nine hours.

Click here to see the photos for the 2014 event by Dan Wyman.

On a historical note,  Melinda (Lindi) Barnett was the first woman ever recorded to have successfully climbed Fargo Street solo on a bicycle during this event in 1978.

The complete list of successful climbers is below with the number of climbs made next to their name.