Fargo Street 2019

Date & Time: Stay tuned – it will be on a weekend in March.


IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Our ride organizer for this event is working with the streets department & the neighbors to get the street closed down one day in March.   The city had made Fargo St. into a one-way going downhill.  Consequently, unlike prior years, a permit is now required.  We will keep you apprised of any progress on our Facebook Club Page where you may ask questions and post comments.  Important less frequent updates will appear on this page also.


*** March 27 UPDATE *** A permit could not be secured for March so the event is delayed. The nearest possibility will be a Sunday in May.  If not, then the event is cancelled until next year.

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Note: Any brave souls up for an early start to attempt a new record for number of climbs should contact the Event Director, Kermit Ganier, well ahead of time at  (310) 367-0458.  The  earliest start time for any riders seeking to set a new record is 7:30 am.  They will have up to 8 hours from then to attempt to set a new record – until 3:30 pm as circumstances permit.  The current women’s record holder is Heidi Volpe with 105 climbs in 2016.  The men’s record holder is Mario Correa with 113 climbs in 2015.  Truly amazing! Top that if you can and good luck.

Start Location: Allesandro and Fargo Streets.  From the I5 Freeway, take the Glendale Freeway (SR 2) South; exit at Glendale Blvd and turn left; turn left to Allesandro Street; three blocks to the Fargo Street intersection.   Street parking is challenging here so plan to arrive early if possible.

This annual event dates back to the 1970s, but is almost as popular today as ever. It is dedicated to the truism that most cyclists have never seen a hill they didn’t want to climb. The question today is, “Can you do it?” And the second question is, “If you can, how many times can you do it?” The hill in question is Fargo Street, reputably the steepest hill in Los Angeles. It’s only a couple of blocks long, but at over a 30% grade, it’s quite a feat if you can climb it. Many will just want to see if they can make it up the hill at all. Amazingly, others vie to see how many times they can make it up the hill in one day. The record is now well over 100. Even if you don’t feel up to the challenge, many show up just to watch the others try. So, come out to cheer them on and maybe you will be inspired to give the hill a try yourself. Its a thrill either way.

Here is Huell Howser’s coverage of the event in 2003 on YouTube.  Enjoy!