Social Media

Yahoo! Groups for Los Angeles Wheelmen is a members-only messaging community that allows users to share information and news. LA Wheelmen members can post questions and comment on club activities and bicycling in general, find like-riding companions on routes, and alert members to last-minute changes to rides, meetings or other short-notice news.

New and renewing members receive instructions on joining the club’s Yahoo! Groups in their mailed membership packets.

Facebook Groups (2) for all – club membership not required but you must request to join from the desired Facebook group page.

Los Angeles Wheelmen Bicycle Club is open to all cyclists. Post messages about news, rides and events, upload your photos or see where other members have been or what they have to say.

 Los Angeles Wheelmen Bicycle Club Grand Tour welcomes riders and volunteers and their friends and family who like or “like” this event. Share training tips and get ideas to make your next Grand Tour experience the best yet.