About Route Sheets


Route sheets for the next weekend’s scheduled rides are in this section of the site, and shown on the right.

There are also maps showing the routes and elevation profiles showing hills. The route sheets are in the form of downloadable PDFs which can be opened with the Adobe Acrobat Reader or a similar program. We intend for riders to download and print the route sheets and take them to the ride start. Downloads include 2 copies of each route so that there will be extras for newcomers or those without web access.

Route sheets will be available at the beginning of the week for the following weekend.

Click here for Upcoming Rides.

Please click the links on the right for information on specific routes.

Please consult the current ride schedule for a description of each ride and directions to the start.

Remember, there will be no pre-printed route sheets available at ride starts. Please bring your own and a spare to share.
(This does not include events with registration, such as Grand Tour or Grand Tour Lite; for these events, route sheets will be supplied at the start.)