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Select the desired ride tab below then click or tap on the individual route links if available to access your desired route or the Combined Routes page.  Helmets are required on all club rides. When joining us the first time, please bring a signed waiver to the start; download it here.

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NOTE: Based on the Los Angeles County Protocol for Youth and Adult Recreational Sports, we have now determined that the club may resume the regular scheduling of club rides.  Recent CDC pronouncements indicate that cycling is safe without a mask for VACCINATED people. Most club members have already been vaccinated. We urge all potential riders to become vaccinated before riding with us.

Triple Dipper South Bay Ride
Malibu Vistas
Laguna Canyon Centuries
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Every Thursday, 8:30 a.m. (unless otherwise specified)

Start Location: Ballona Creek Bridge.  From I405 exit Culver Blvd and head West or take Rte 90 West and take Culver Blvd exit turn left. Right on Esplanade St, left on Convoy St, and right on Pacific Avenue. Park by the Lagoon on the right. The bridge is about 2 blocks North on Pacific.

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Riders usually goes South to Palos Verdes on the bike path and then do some riding on the Peninsula. There are optional climbs including the 3 “dips” which give the ride its name. The group usually stops for a break at the Golden Cove shopping area. Occasionally the group will decide to vary the route and explore specific sites elsewhere in the city. A typical day is 40 - 50 miles but often individual riders either cut the day short or add extra miles as desired.  Contact Nancy Domjanovich nancydomx@nullicloud.com for details.

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Sunday, August 7th 2022 - 8:30 a.m.

Start Location: MALIBU CIVIC CENTER. North on PCH to Malibu (just before hill up to Pepperdine) and Right on Webb Way one block and Right on Civic Center way to Civic Center on Left. We usually park on the street due to farmer's market in the parking lot.

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Time once again for “Malibu Vistas,” the cycling soap opera, back again for the 11th installment of this annual saga. Molly and Leo are the hot new couple in the club. They are beautiful, strong riders and they can’t get enough of each other. They have taken to playing a private game on club rides. On all the long climbs they race to the top, beating all the other riders, and then they find some shade and make out like teenagers until the rest of the club arrives. The faster they ride, the more private time they have with each other. But Leo has an evil twin named Stephen who is hot for Molly as well. He knows about their little game and is plotting to get in on the action. The Malibu ride is coming up and it has several long climbs, so it should be perfect to hatch his plan. The morning of the ride he manages to slip Leo a mickey causing him to over-sleep. He then puts on some of Leo’s usual cycling clothes and heads for the ride. Molly greats him warmly (thinking he is Leo) and says “Both the long and medium start with a long climb up Latigo – that should give us plenty of time together at the top. They both take off looking forward to the make-out session at the top. But Stephen doesn’t ride as much as Leo and he is not the rider Leo is. He soon falls behind Molly and is huffing and puffing when he finally gets to the top just a few yards ahead of the rest of the club. Molly is disappointed and asks him what is wrong. Stephen is so out of breath he can hardly answer but says “we’ll get them on the climb after lunch.” Stephen is so tired from the climb, he can’t even keep up with Molly and the other riders on the long downhill on Mulholland Hwy and on to lunch at Neptune’s Net. Molly is getting suspicious because she has never known Leo to ride this poorly. Meanwhile, the real Leo is finally awake and realizes he is late and rushes to the start. He decides to do the short route which simply stays near the coast, avoids the climbs, but still goes to Neptune’s Net for lunch. He figures he can catch Molly there. He arrives to find Molly and Stephen enjoying lunch. The jig is up. Molly immediately realizes what is happening and gives Stephen a big slap on the face. Stephen is forced to slink back to the start along the medium route which follows the short ride on a relatively flat coastal return. Molly and Leo continue the long which climbs Yerba Buena after lunch. They climb so fast and so well that they can enjoy a long long make-out session at the top of Yerba Buena before the other long riders get there.. And that’s where we leave them at the end of this episode of “Malibu Vistas.”  Join us again next year for another exciting episode.

Sunday, August 14th – 8:00 a.m. 

Start Location: PARADISE PARK in TORRANCE. From San Diego Frwy (405), off & South on Hawthorne 3.5 miles.  R - Torrance Blvd 0.5 mile, L - Anza one block, R - Lee to Park.  We usually park on the West side of the park (on Ellenwood) by the school.

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NOTE the earlier start time. This is our century and metric century of the month for August. Normally when you see the word “canyon” in a ride title, you start thinking there is going to be some major climbing. Turnbull Canyon, Latigo Canyon, Topanga Canyon or La Tuna Canyon come to mind. While it is true that we will be climbing Laguna Canyon today, it must be one of the easiest canyon climbs in Southern California. We only gain about 400 feet over 5.5 miles. That’s a grade of about 1.4%. Most of the time you will hardly realize you are climbing at all. Also, more often than not, you will have a tailwind going up the canyon. But if that seems like more than you want to take on, consider this: the metric century doesn’t do Laguna Canyon at all. So don’t let the title scare you off. This is just a pleasant ride down the coast and back. The route is fairly straight forward. From Torrance, we head down the coast (picking up PCH in Seal Beach) all the way to Laguna. Then it's up Laguna Canyon and we make our way back north using a more inland route until we reach Huntington Beach. Then we pretty much retrace our steps back to the start. The metric will start with the full century and stay with that route until Huntington Beach. It will then cut inland to pick up the return route of the full century. The long stretches on PCH where there are relatively few traffic lights make this a fairly fast century. So come on out and enjoy the day.

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