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NOTE: During the current surge in COVID-19 infections, it has been decided that our club does not wish to encourage large group rides. However, it does not want to discourage cycling in a responsible manner. Therefore, we will continue to provide a general ride schedule and route sheets as a resource to our members seeking places and routes to ride. However, specific start dates and times will not be provided. Instead, rides will be scheduled for an entire week and route sheets will be available on the club web site during that week. Two week’s worth of routes will usually be available on a rolling basis. Riders are encouraged to ride these routes on a specific day and time of their own choosing. Riders may wish to make their own arrangements to ride with others but should conform to current guidelines for group events which stipulate that group gatherings of persons from more than one household are prohibited, and that the use of social distancing (minimum 6 feet apart)  and masks is required.  As we expect and hope that these measures are temporary, please check back periodically for updates to the current guidelines.   
FURTHER NOTE: Some routes may include portions on bike paths or other public areas which have been closed during this time. Be prepared to navigate alternatives around any such sections.
Soup To Knotts
Janus Centuries

Week ending Sunday, January 17th 2021.

Start Location: WILLIAM PEAK PARK in BUENA PARK.  From Artesia Frwy (91), off & South Knott Ave  mi, L - El Dorado Dr. to Park.

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The long and the medium routes for this ride formerly stopped for lunch at the Yorba Linda Knollwood – home of  the “World’s Best Hamburger.” Well, maybe the hamburger wasn’t really all that great because the place went out of business last year (even before the pandemic). I gave some thought to re-routing the rides to a new lunch location, but there are other places to eat in the vicinity and maybe we should wait and see what takes the place of the old Knollwood. So, the routes remain the same. What are those routes? As mentioned, both long and medium routes head to Yorba Linda (La Palma near Imperial) for lunch but the long takes 10 extra miles getting there, including a trip over Turnbull Canyon, while the medium goes pretty much directly there. Both routes return together with some additional climbing in the Anaheim Hills. While this is going on, the short riders are touring northern Orange County on their own. If you find a really good alternative to the former Knollwood, report it to me and maybe we can make it the designated lunch stop for these rides in the future.

Week ending Sunday, January 24th 2021.

Start Location: EL PARQUE DE LA PAZ in THOUSAND OAKS. From Ventura Frwy (101), off & north on Hampshire Rd, L - Thousand Oaks Blvd (at T) for  mile, L - Oakview and L - Pleasant Way to Park. Check Parking signs.

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These are two centuries and two metric centuries intended to be ridden on two consecutive days. However, many riders ride only one day and sometimes riders will ride a full century one day and the metric on the second day. You are free to mix and match as you wish. Of course, the original challenge was to ride two consecutive days. For over 20 years the club has offered this January challenge – ride a century on each of two consecutive days. To make it interesting, the two consecutive centuries are really the same century ridden each day, but in opposite directions. Each century consists of the same large loop around Ventura County, but on Day 1 we ride the loop in a counterclockwise direction and on Day 2 we ride clockwise. The course is essentially the classic Grand Tour Highland loop without Casitas Pass. Day 1 starts from Thousand Oaks with the trip over Erbes to Moorpark, then over Grimes Cyn to Santa Paula and then over Dennison Grade to Ojai. Then its down to Ventura for a swing through Oxnard and on to the final climb of the day  Potrero. The metric century stays with the full metric for the first 7 miles over the initial hill but then cuts west to rejoin the full century near Port Hueneme and the final steep climb up Potrero and to the finish. Although this is subject to debate, I have always considered the Day 1 route to be the more difficult because you climb Potrero (a very steep hill) near the end of the ride. Day 2 is the clockwise route. Its the reverse of Day 1 so it starts with the downhill on Potrero. Then its on to Ventura and up to Ojai, over Dennison Grade to Santa Paula and over Grimes Canyon to Moorpark and back. The metric route stays with the full century for the first 32 miles and cuts straight over to the Moorpark area to rejoin the full century on the final few miles of the return. Although more of the climbing is in the 2nd half of the ride on Day 2, it tends to be less steep than day one and I feel it is a little easier. In the years I rode both days, I usually had a faster time on the second day despite being tired from riding day one. NOTE: It is usually very cold at the start, so come prepared.

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