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Select the desired ride tab below then click or tap on the individual route links if available to access your desired route or the Combined Routes page.  Helmets are required on all club rides. When joining us the first time, please bring a signed waiver to the start; download it here.

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NOTE: Based on the Los Angeles County Protocol for Youth and Adult Recreational Sports, we have now determined that the club may resume the regular scheduling of club rides.  Recent CDC pronouncements indicate that cycling is safe without a mask for VACCINATED people. Most club members have already been vaccinated. We urge all potential riders to become vaccinated before riding with us.

Triple Dipper South Bay Ride
Revel The Rollies II
Mount Wilson
Newcomer CicLAvia Pre-Ride

Every Thursday, 8:30 a.m. (unless otherwise specified)

Start Location: Ballona Creek Bridge.  From I405 exit Culver Blvd and head West or take Rte 90 West and take Culver Blvd exit turn left. Right on Esplanade St, left on Convoy St, and right on Pacific Avenue. Park by the Lagoon on the right. The bridge is about 2 blocks North on Pacific.

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Riders usually goes South to Palos Verdes on the bike path and then do some riding on the Peninsula. There are optional climbs including the 3 “dips” which give the ride its name. The group usually stops for a break at the Golden Cove shopping area. Occasionally the group will decide to vary the route and explore specific sites elsewhere in the city. A typical day is 40 - 50 miles but often individual riders either cut the day short or add extra miles as desired.  Contact Nancy Domjanovich nancydomx@nullicloud.com for details.

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We hope to see you there!

Sunday, September 26th 2021 - 8:30 a.m.

Start Location: PINE TREE PARK in TUSTIN.  From Santa Ana Frwy (I-5) in Tustin, off & east on Redhill, L- Bryan one block to park.

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Sometimes when I can’t think of anything else to write about in these descriptions, I look at a comprehensive calendar of events and holidays to see if today has any special significance. I note that today is World Contraception Day. I figure that is an easy one for us to celebrate. For one thing, most of us are too old to even worry about contraception. But even if we weren’t, cycling can be a form of contraception. You ride all day and then you are too tired to have sex. So let’s see what sort of contraceptive ride we have today. The main feature of today’s route is a trip through Santiago Canyon which goes both up and down. Both the long and the medium do this, but the long adds trips through Trabuco Canyon and Live Oak Canyon. I’ve always thought the ride through Live Oak Canyon is rather nice and worth the extra miles. The medium route heads fairly directly over to Santiago Canyon while the long makes the extended loop to take in the two canyons first. They meet up at Cook’s Corner and continue together through Santiago Canyon before circling around back to the start. Meanwhile, the short makes an easier tour around southern Orange County. Warning: the short might not tire you out enough to have any contraceptive value.

Sunday, October 3rd 2021 - 8:30 a.m.

Start Location: BROOKSIDE PARK - just south of the Rose Bowl. From Ventura Frwy (134) or Pasadena Frwy (110), off & north on Orange Grove, L - Rosemont, L - Seco and L- Arroyo to Park on left. Meet near the Aquatic Facility / tennis courts.

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Although we generally ride up to Wilson each October, we didn’t go last year because the Cosmic Café at the top was closed due to the pandemic. According to their Facebook page, they are open again, so let’s go! I love the Cosmic Café. Admittedly, the food is nothing to write home about, but a hotdog and some chips can really hit the spot after climbing 5000 feet. But there is also the view. On a clear day you can see downtown far below or the San Gabriel Valley. And then there are the antennas. If you have never been there, you won’t believe how much electronic equipment is packed onto the top of Wilson. I call it the electronic forest. I know some of you are thinking it’s too hard. 5000 feet is too much. Well, consider this – it’s only 48 miles and only half of that is up-hill. So you’ve got 24 miles of climbing – not so bad. And the climbing is never excessively steep – the worst of it comes near the beginning.  So, you can just take your time – enjoy the fall scenery and you can make it. And if it really proves to be too much for you, you can always turn around at any point and practically coast all the way back to the start. Only the long route goes all the way to the top of Wilson and then returns back down the way you came. The medium makes it as far as Clear Creek Station before returning. The Short simply tours the Pasadena area without going up Angeles Crest at all. So why not give it a try. You might really surprise yourself and the feeling you get at the top is terrific. That’s really why I love the Cosmic Café – the satisfaction I get from just getting there.

START Date, time and location: Come join us on our next scheduled ride on Sunday October 10, 2021 at 8:30 am starting at Los Angeles State Historic Park.  Meet at the park entrance.   Please be prompt. We usually start on time.

Directions:   For driving directions, check “Getting Here” at https://www.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=22272. Free street parking adjacent to park and  restrooms are available inside the park.  The Metro Gold Line stops at Chinatown/Park Entrance.

The Los Angeles Wheelmen and The Los Angeles Firecracker Run/Bike invite cyclists of all skill levels to join our introductory/newcomer bike rides at locations throughout the City of Los Angeles. lawheelmen.org/newcomer-rides/

These rides are easy excursions through scenic locations on bikeways and city streets.   Each ride is led by veteran cyclists who can help guide cyclist on all aspects of getting the most from your bicycle and improving your cycling skills.   We have riders start with a 20 mile ride and ultimately finished a 200 mile ride.



You will need to bring a positive attitude, sufficient water, snacks, a spare innertube (in case of flat)  and a bike in good mechanical condition. .   You should be comfortable completing a 20 mile ride at a 10-12 mile per hour pace with multiple rest stops. We may split into groups of different skill levels if necessary. You should be vaccinated or have a recent negative test.  Helmets are mandatory.  Lycra is optional.  The event is free.

ABOUT LOS ANGELES WHEELMEN BICYCLE CLUB visit the home page at lawheelmen.org, and click or tap on the first pane on the slider called "About The Club".

ABOUT LOS ANGELES FIRECRACKER      https://firecracker10k.org/

Established in 1978, Firecracker has grown to include bike rides and multiple run/walk events that support health and fitness along with programs for local communities.



The route will take you along a scenic ride along the Los Angeles River and through Griffith Park.  Breaks and restroom stops will provide ample time for the group to stay together.   It is approximately 20 miles on a relatively flat route and should be completed in about 3 hours or less.  The  route is similar to the path used by the annual Firecracker ride: ridewithgps.com/routes/31936037   (There will be some route modifications).

This ride coincides with the CicLAvia Heart of LA ride and everyone will have the opportunity to enjoy the festivities and freebies after the morning ride. ciclavia.org/events


For possible announcements such as road closures, weather conditions or any other related comments, look for the matching event by ride name on our Facebook pages using the links below.

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