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Select the desired ride tab below then click or tap on the individual route links if available to access your desired route or the Combined Routes page.  Helmets are required on all club rides. When joining us the first time, please bring a signed waiver to the start; download it here.

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NOTE: Based on the Los Angeles County Protocol for Youth and Adult Recreational Sports, we have now determined that the club may resume the regular scheduling of club rides.  Recent CDC pronouncements indicate that cycling is safe without a mask for VACCINATED people. Most club members have already been vaccinated. We urge all potential riders to become vaccinated before riding with us.

Triple Dipper South Bay Ride
Two Terrible Tujungas Tour
Revel the Rollies From Redhill
Three Hills Trainer
Sierra Donut Ride

Every Thursday, 8:30 a.m. (unless otherwise specified)

Start Location: Ballona Creek Bridge.  From I405 exit Culver Blvd and head West or take Rte 90 West and take Culver Blvd exit turn left. Right on Esplanade St, left on Convoy St, and right on Pacific Avenue. Park by the Lagoon on the right. The bridge is about 2 blocks North on Pacific.

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Riders usually goes South to Palos Verdes on the bike path and then do some riding on the Peninsula. There are optional climbs including the 3 “dips” which give the ride its name. The group usually stops for a break at the Golden Cove shopping area. Occasionally the group will decide to vary the route and explore specific sites elsewhere in the city. A typical day is 40 - 50 miles but often individual riders either cut the day short or add extra miles as desired.  Contact Nancy Domjanovich nancydomx@nullicloud.com for details.

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We hope to see you there!

Saturday, May 21st – 8:00 a.m.

Start Location: Lakeview Terrace Rec Center (on Foothill Blvd just east of Osborne) (Not far from the intersection of the 118 and 210 Frwys) Take Foothill Frwy (210) west to Osborne/Foothill exit, off and East on Foothill 0.3 mi. to Center.

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Like the Baldy trainer a couple of weeks ago, we have had two options for this route for a number of years and this year we have added a “Lite” version to make a third. All three routes start with the long climb up Little Tujunga, over its twin peaks and down Sand Canyon. At the bottom of Sand Canyon, the Lite version turns off on Placerita Canyon which it takes over to Sierra Hwy. After lunch on Sierra Hwy, it continues over the Newhall hill to Foothill Blvd which it takes back to the start. The Lite version does only one Terrible Tujunga. After coming down Sand Canyon, the other two routes take Soledad Canyon all the way out to Acton for lunch. This is a long but gradual uphill. After lunch, the two routes tackle the toughest climb of the day as they ride up Aliso Canyon and then continue the climb on Angeles Forest Hwy up to Mill Creek Summit. This is followed by a long and fast downhill but then there is a short climb up to where Big Tujunga turns off. Here the Traditional Route turns off to take Big Tujunga down to Foothill Blvd and a quick return to the start. The Extended Route continues on Angeles Forest up to Angeles Crest Hwy at Clear Creek. It then gets to ride the long downhill down Angeles Crest followed by another downhill on Chevy Chase. Then there is a long stretch along Glenoaks Blvd back to the start. The Extended Route is designed to give you a century. Although the climbing on these routes (except the Lite Version) has really started to increase, these are very nice routes which travel mostly remote areas. In keeping with the unique theme of this year’s trainers, these are the only routes the club has which ride up Alios Canyon and go to Mill Creek Summit or ride Big Tujunga. Well worth the effort. NOTE: It is a long hard stretch after lunch without a water stop so come prepared to carry enough water to get you through this stretch.


Sunday, May 22nd 2022 - 8:30 a.m.

Start Location: PINE TREE PARK in TUSTIN.  From Santa Ana Frwy (I-5) in Tustin, off & east on Redhill, L- Bryan one block to park.

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We have several “Revel the Rollies” routes of which this is the first. They were all created by Ruth Barnes, a former member who was a very strong rider. I believe she was the first woman to complete the Grand Tour Quadruple Century. Like most strong riders she enjoyed romping up and down hills. She probably really did “revel” while riding rollies. I’m not sure we mere mortal riders feel the same. Nonetheless, even if we don’t exactly revel in the hills, many of us know that doing some climbing from time to time is good for our legs, good for our health and good for our soul. So, we still come out to do rides like today’s. The good news is that, except for the long route, the hills really aren’t too bad today. The short simply loops around the Irvine area with only a few moderate climbs. The medium route heads southeast down to Mission Viejo and then back through Irvine. There are more hills on this route than the short but no huge climbs. The long starts with the medium but adds a loop in the middle taking us all the way down to Capistrano for lunch. On the return from this loop to rejoin the medium route, the long rides up Pacific Island Drive. This climb of about a mile is rather steep and does not fit my idea of a rolling hill. The rest of the route is fine, but I just want to warn you about that one climb. I guess you have to expect a little more difficulty on a long route. So, that one hill aside, why not join us and see if you can revel in the rollies today. And even if you can’t revel in them – remember that they are good for you.

Saturday, May 28th – 8:00 a.m. 

Start Location: Marsh Park in Glassell Park. The Park is on the LA River near the intersection of the Glendale Frwy (2) and the Golden State Frwy (5). If you are on the 5 northbound, you exit at Riverside Dr (just before the 2) , take Riverside north to a right on Fletcher Dr Take a R on Ripple St (just before river) and follow it into Rosanna St which takes you into the Park. If you are coming south on the 5, you can exit directly to Fletcher, and go left to a right on Ripple and to the park. 

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We have scheduled this trainer 3 times now and I have only completed it once. I really enjoyed the satisfaction I got when I did complete it. This year we have the “Lite” route, so maybe a few more riders will join in the attempt. As you might guess from the title, there are 3 climbs on this trainer, each more difficult than the last. Starting from Marsh Park near the LA River, our first hill is a ride through Griffith Park on some of the back roads in the park. This is a very interesting climb and is not done by any other club routes. At one point you pass a very popular point for filming commercials because of the view of downtown Los Angeles as a backdrop. This first hill is not so difficult and is mostly traffic free. We then head over to Glendale for our second hill which takes us over the top of Camino San Rafael. While this hill is not much higher than the hill in Griffith Park, it is a good deal steeper – in fact – very steep – by far the steepest stretch of the day. Once at the top, it’s just a short hop to our third hill which is a trip up to the top of Mount Wilson. Although considerably longer and higher than the first two climbs, the trip up is never excessively steep. After a well deserved break at the top, it’s mostly downhill all the way back to the start. Perhaps this trainer is not as physically difficult as last week’s trainer, but I think it definitely requires more mental strength to complete the trip to Wilson when you know you could just turn around at any time and coast back to the start. Mental training is important too. The “Lite” version makes two critical changes to the full route. First it replaces the very steep second climb with a trip up Chevy Chase. Both end up at the same place, but the Chevy Chase climb is significantly easier. Second, on the third climb, the Lite version only goes up Angeles Crest as far as Clear Creek instead of all the way to Mount Wilson. This cuts out about 18 miles and quite a bit of the climbing. Of course, if you want more, you can always continue Angeles Crest to Red Box before returning. NOTE: The Cosmic Café up at Wilson should be open, but it sometimes closes for a day without much warning. You may want to check their Facebook page which is where they sometimes provide a notice of a closure. You may want to carry snacks for the climb just in case.

Sunday, May 29th – 8:30 a.m.   

Start Location: Los Angeles Zoo parking lot  Northeast Corner From Ventura (134) Frwy or Golden State Frwy (5), exit near Griffith Park at any exit marked by signs to the Zoo or to the Autry Museum.  Follow signs into the park and to the Zoo lot.  We will be meeting in the Northeast Corner of the lot near the camel sign. Other groups often meet here, so make sure you are with the Wheelmen.

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These routes were developed by Richard Wedeen and based on a ride he formerly rode with a few friends every Saturday from Burbank up to Sierra Madre and the title donut shop. The big donut fan in the club these days is David Nakai although I don’t remember him ever doing this ride. Perhaps some years ago before he got so wrapped up in completing brevets. But lately he has been riding with the club more so maybe he can be enticed to join us with the promise of donuts at the break. Today’s routes start from the Zoo parking lot. The medium route is basically Richard’s original route which heads fairly directly up to Sierra Madre and the stop at Sierra Donuts. The long adds a few miles with a loop to the south into San Marino. From the donut shop, both routes stay together on the return. The routes gently, but consistently, climb on the trip up to Sierra Madre, but it's mostly downhill back to the start. The short doesn't make it to the shop, but does visit an equally popular bake shop in Montrose. If donuts really aren’t your thing, there are alternate lunch sites nearby on all routes. But the routes are short so a donut break should be all you need. You can always catch a late lunch on the way home from the Zoo. So come on out and see if this write-up will goad David into joining us.

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