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NOTE: Based on the Los Angeles County Protocol for Youth and Adult Recreational Sports, we have now determined that the club may resume the scheduling of club rides on specific dates.  However, to discourage large groups of riders we have decided not to schedule a specific start time. Riders may contact others to agree on a start time for small groups of companions and hopefully this will serve to spread out our riders. Note that the protocol continues to require face coverings and “social distancing” as well as other precautions.  A copy of the protocol may be found here: http://publichealth.lacounty.gov/media/coronavirus/docs/protocols/Reopening_SportsLeagues.pdf

FURTHER NOTE: Some routes may include portions on bike paths or other public areas and facilities which have been closed during this time. Be prepared to navigate alternatives around any such sections or to find alternative facilities.

Laguna Canyon Century
Hills of the South Bay
Encinal Canyon Trainer
Santa Fe Dam

Saturday, April 17th 2021.

Start Location: PARADISE PARK in TORRANCE.  From San Diego Frwy (405), off & South on Hawthorne 3.5 miles.  R - Torrance Blvd 0.5 mile, L - Anza one block, R - Lee to Park.  We usually park on the West side of the park (on Ellenwood) by the school.

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It’s the third trainer in our series and hopefully you are getting into the groove. Traditionally, we extend one of the early trainers to a full century in length because developing endurance is as important as developing your strength in hill climbing. There will be other centuries during the training series, but for our first we usually offer a fairly easy route. Today’s century is one of the easiest we have. There is only one extended climb up Laguna Canyon and that is one of the easiest canyon climbs I know. The route is fairly straight forward. From Torrance, we head down the coast (picking up PCH in Seal Beach) all the way to Laguna. Then it's up Laguna Canyon and we make our way back north using a more inland route until we reach Huntington Beach. Then we pretty much retrace our steps back to the start. This is also the century of the month for April so there will be a metric century as well. This will start with the full century and stay with that route until Huntington Beach. It will then cut inland to pick up the return route of the full century. The long stretches on PCH where there are relatively few traffic lights make this a fairly fast century. So come on out and enjoy the day.


Sunday, April 18th 2021.

Start Location: DEL AIRE PARK in Hawthorne. From the San Diego Frwy, off and West on El Segundo Blvd (1 or 2 blocks), R on Isis Ave. to park on Left.

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These routes are really like no other ride we have in our library. We have flat rides and we have hilly rides which do a few major climbs, but this is a hilly ride that does a lot of minor climbs. And by “a lot” I mean a lot!  The long route has about 50 hills, all in only about 50 miles. Consequently, the hills are short. Many of them are only one or two blocks long. Admittedly, some of them are rather steep, but when a steep hill is only two blocks long, you can usually gut it out. And there is almost always an immediate downhill to help you recover. It really is a different kind of climbing than we usually do. When David Nakai created these routes, his idea was to find just about every hill in the South Bay and ride up and down them. I know that sounds tough but I have ridden the entire route several times now and I can tell you -- it’s not so bad. You just have to have the right attitude. You just take it one hill at a time and rest up on the downhills. It can actually be fun and gives you a nice sense of accomplishment. The long, medium, and short are all similar, and only vary by length and the number of hills they do. One of the difficulties is simply following the many turns of the route sheet. I would strongly suggest you use a Garmin (or Garmin-like device) to navigate the route. One nice thing about these routes is that they stay in the South Bay and you are never very far from the start. If the going is just too hard, you can always cut the ride short and head for home. So come on out for this unique set of routes. Just pick your length, bring a positive attitude, and you can have a very nice day.

Saturday, April 24th 2021.

Start Location: BRENTWOOD ELEM. SCHOOL - San Vicente & Gretna Green.  From San Diego Frwy (405), off & west on Wilshire, R - San Vicente, L  Gretna Green (1 block past Bundy).

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Routes:     Only Route – 73 miles – 4800 feet of elevation gain (barometric)

Today is our 4th trainer and if we use the baseball metaphor I started the month with, this is the clean-up spot. Let’s see if we can hit a home run. Our route library has two almost identical trainers – Encinal Canyon and Decker Canyon. They only vary by the canyon they take from PCH up to Mulholland Hwy. We usually alternate between the two. Last year was Decker’s turn, but we didn’t hold the training rides, so really we should be riding Decker this year. But frankly, the Encinal climb is a little more popular – it’s more scenic and a bit easier – so I’m going to pretend that Decker missed it’s turn last year and run Encinal this year. BTW, “Encinal” means “oak grove” but I really can’t remember if there are a lot of oaks on the climb. They may have burned in the fire a couple of years ago. There are 3 significant climbs today but only one of them is really memorable. That one is of course Encinal, which we hit early. We start by riding north on PCH out to Encinal and then up the Canyon. It’s about a 5 mile climb. We pick up Hwy 23 and ride that on down into Westlake. From Westlake we return by a standard route through Agoura Hills along the freeway, up Mureau road (the 2nd major climb) into the Valley. Then it’s across the Valley (using the Wells Drive medley) and over Sepulveda (the 3rd climb) to the finish. Complete the ride and you will have hit a home run in your training program. Come back next week to keep the rally going.

Sunday, April 25th 2021.

Start Location: BARNES PARK in MONTEREY PARK.  From San Bernardino Frwy (I-10), off & south on Garfield, R - Newmark, L - McPherrin to the Park.  Early arrival is suggested in order to find a parking space before park users take them all.

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The San Fernando Valley is pretty much laid out in a grid which is so straight and regular, I formerly used it to calibrate the odometer on my bike computer. That’s old style city planning. Much of Orange County is relatively new and the new style of city planning is to let streets and roads meander where they will. It’s prettier and more interesting, but I get lost a lot more. Streets I think go east-west really end up going north-south. I’m sure the street I’m on will intersect with the one I’m looking for and it never does. Well none of that should be a problem today because you will have a route sheet or the route loaded into your Garmin or Wahoo and (in theory) you can’t get lost. So, sit back and relax and enjoy the winding and twisting roads of Orange County today. Today’s routes are perfect for this. The climbing is mostly long gentle grades so you won’t be working too hard. All three routes stay together for the first 17 miles, so you can wait and see how you are feeling before deciding which route you want to finish. The long and medium are similar but the long adds a loop (and a hill) in the middle before rejoining the Medium. The short makes its own way back to the start. The riding is pleasant on mostly wide roads. So come on down and wind around with us today. But full disclosure – I said “in theory” you can’t get lost, but somehow I have still managed to do it.

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