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By Rod Doty, VP

 NOTE: Each week, the routes offered will be available on the Web. Click on “This Week’s Route Sheets.” Download the routes and bring them with you to the ride start.
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Saturday, September 3 – 8:00 a.m. CAMARILLO CENTURY (102 miles – 5000 feet) This month we had originally planned to offer our Annual Grand Tour Lite which includes a century option (It has been moved to October). But that would have been on a Sunday, and we thought we would offer a 2nd century this month for those who can only ride (or prefer) Saturdays. Like the Grand Tour Lite, this century ends with a run down the coast on PCH, but that’s really where the similarities end. It starts with a climb over Topanga Canyon and Old Topanga to Calabasas. It then heads west through Agoura Hills, Westlake and along Santa Rosa Road to Camarillo for lunch. Then it’s a trip to the coast and (hopefully) a quick trip back down the coast to finish the day. The only really major climb of the day is Topanga/Old Topanga with a few smaller climbs mixed in. Of course, there are all those hills coming back down the coast, but we ride the coast so often, it is easy to forget about them (at least until you start up Zuma). All together, it’s probably a bit tougher than the Grand Tour Lite Century and of course, it’s not supported like the Grand Tour Lite, but it’s a nice alternative if you can’t make the Grand Tour Lite. START:  BRENTWOOD ELEM. SCHOOL – San Vicente & Gretna Green.  From San Diego Frwy (405), off & west on Wilshire, R – San Vicente, L  Gretna Green (1 block past Bundy). Park on street.

Sunday, September 4 – 8:30 a.m. WANDERING TO WHITTIER (Long 58 – 2000 feet, Medium 52, Shorter Medium 37, Short 34) Tomorrow is Labor Day which is the unofficial end of summer. I guess that means we can try some rides inland away from the coast now. Today, as the name implies, we head for Whittier. But maybe that isn’t as far from the ocean as it seems. After all, the long route does ride a street named “Vista del Mar” in Whittier so presumably you can at least glimpse the ocean from there. This is Wandering TO Whittier as opposed to Wandering THRU Whittier, which is a different set of routes. Both sets of routes get to Whittier, but the Wandering THRU Whittier ride does its wandering IN Whittier, whereas today we will be doing our wandering before we get there. All routes start with a large loop north to Sierra Madre before heading towards Whittier. The long makes a loop around and over the hills while the medium makes a more direct approach before meeting for lunch in Whittier. The shorter medium doesn’t make it to Whittier but does go as far as Whittier Narrows. The three routes all have similar returns on river trails. The short doesn’t really head for Whittier, but does go to the north end of the San Gabriel River and returns through the Santa Fe Dam area. One unusual feature of these routes is that, despite riding the Whittier area, none of them go over Turnbull (although the long does go over Colima). I’ve ridden Vista del Mar in Whittier several times and I don’t actually recall seeing the ocean, but maybe it was overcast those other times. START:  ALHAMBRA PARK.  From San Bernardino Frwy (I-10), off & North on Fremont, R – Alhambra Rd, R – Raymond to Park.

Sunday, September 11 – 8:30 a.m.  ORANGE COAST TOUR. (Long 63 – 1100 feet, Medium 46 – 800 feet, Short 31) These are routes we ride almost every summer, but for some reason we didn’t get to them during June, July or August. But maybe that’s for the best. After all, these routes make another of our annual visits to Balboa Island and a ride on the ferry and the Island should be a lot less busy after Labor Day. Who needs all those pesky college kids clogging up the streets of Balboa. And don’t get me started on those families taking their kids to the beach for the weekend. The routes (long and medium) start off with a sort of crazy trip through an exclusive neighborhood on the backside of Sunset Beach. Then we head on down to Newport and our ride on the Ferry. The long then heads over to Old Town Irvine for lunch before a return across Irvine to the start. The medium tours the Back Bay and then heads back more directly to the start. The short returns even more directly. These are really pleasant rides, with not a lot of climbing, so I hope to see a lot of you out. I’ve always thought these were good routes even in the heat of the summer, but they should be even better in September. START: LAKE PARK in Huntington Beach.  From the San Diego Frwy (405), off and south on Beach Blvd.  R on Main (Ellis is on left), L on 12th Street to Park.

Thursday, September 15 – 7:30 p.m. MONTHLY MEMBERS MEETING This has gotten to be something of an annual event now. Each September Frank & Suzie Ferren host the monthly meeting to roughly coincide with the birthdays of Frank Ferren and Kermit Ganier. Once again we will probably meet out on their covered patio and it will be the usual thing – preparing Schedules for mailing, followed by a business meeting. The Grand Tour Lite is coming up, so no doubt there will be some discussion of final preparations for this event. However, as part of the birthday celebration and as they have done in the past, Frank & Suzie invite members to come by early for dinner. After the meeting, there will be refreshments which may have a birthday theme. Maybe not. In any case, we can now sing “Happy Birthday without violating copyrights. So come on out and see how the club is really run. It might surprise you. NOTE: If you are planning to come early for dinner, Frank & Suzie would like to know how many will be attending. Therefore, if you plan to come early, please RSVP to Suzie at suzferren@nullaol.com. They can fill you in on the timing then. PLACE: 4907 W. 132nd St. in Hawthorne. From the 405, off and east on El Segundo Blvd. Right on Ocean Gate Ave. (1st right) to a left on 132nd St. 4907 is near the end of the block. Meeting night help: (310) 679-8375. 

Sunday, September 18 – 8:30 a.m. TURN BULL REVISITED NOTE:  The Grand Tour Lite formerly scheduled for this date has been re-scheduled for October 2nd . (Long 71, Medium 52 & 1500 ft, Shorts 37 ft or 24 & 600) A couple of weeks ago we rode a Whittier ride that didn’t include Turnbull Canyon. Well if you thought you would get away without riding Turnbull this fall, think again. I think the club has been riding Turnbull regularly since the club was formed over 60 years ago. These particular routes were created to replace a Turnbull ride which had somehow disappeared from the club’s ride library. So get ready for Turnbull. That’s what all but the short-short route will be doing today. It’s the only hill for everyone but the long riders, so don’t let it keep you away. The long and the medium are identical as they climb over Turnbull and make their way over to the top of the San Gabriel River Trail in Azusa and then take the trail back to the start. The only difference is that the long makes an extra trip a few miles up San Gabriel Canyon and back before going down the river. The short routes simply go over or around Turnbull, but pretty much stay in the area. I have always wondered what happened to the original Turnbull ride that this one replaced. There is no clue in the old Goosenecks. I suspect changes in streets or traffic doomed the original routes, but that’s just my guess. START:  PICO PARK in PICO RIVERA.  From San Gabriel Frwy (605), off & west on Beverly Blvd to Park on left.  (If coming from the North, the Beverly exit puts you on San Gabriel River Rd which you follow for 1.3 mi. to Beverly).

Sunday, September 25 – 8:30 a.m. CAL POLY BY GOLLY (Long 65 – 3300 feet, Medium 46 – 2600 feet, Short 28)  The phrase “By Golly” is supposedly a euphemism for “By God” used to avoid taking the name of God in vain. In this case however, I don’t think we were attempting to avoid sin so much as just trying to find something that rhymes with “Cal Poly.” In any case, “By Golly” is an antiquated phrase, which fits with these routes because they are pretty old as well. No surprise, the destination of all of today’s routes is Cal Poly Pomona where we will ride through the campus. My favorite part is where we pass the sheep, pigs and steers which are part of the school of agriculture. The long and medium stay together over to the college and then on to Puddingstone reservoir. The long splits off at this point to do a loop taking them over Carbon Canyon and Brea Canyon while the medium heads more directly back to the start. The short takes a fairly direct route to the college and back. Our own David Nakai is an alumnus and if he makes the ride, he always enjoys pointing out the many changes to the campus since he was there. So Gosh darn it – why not join us today. I wonder – did people actually think changing a few letters would fool an omnipotent God. START: PUENTE HILLS MALL in Industry.  From the Pomona Frwy (60), off and south on Azusa Avenue.  L – on Colima and L into Mall Parking lot.  We park on top of the rise near Colima (away from Mall buildings) and immediately across from Shabarum County Park.


Sunday, October 2 – GRAND TOUR LITE  NOTE: This event has been rescheduled from September 18th.  This is our annual supported century ride. For full details click here.

Saturday, October 8 – 7:30 a.m. CIRCLING SAN FERNANDO CENTURY (94 mi – 5500 feet) Before the Grand Tour Lite got moved to October, this had already been scheduled as  our Century of the Month for October. We are still going to offer it for those who prefer their centuries on Saturday. We have used it as a Grand Tour trainer once in the past so perhaps a few of you should consider riding it as a trainer for the Dead of Winter Double now. Unlike many of our trainers, this route does not include any major mountain climbs. In fact, the biggest climb of the day is just going over Sepulveda at the start of the ride. There are a few other smaller climbs sprinkled throughout the route that might get your attention, but nothing you can’t handle. As the name implies, the route heads out to the Valley and makes a counter-clockwise circle around the Valley before returning. We start with a trip up Sepulveda and then east along Mulholland to the east end of the Valley near Griffith Park. We head north along Kenneth and Glenoaks before heading west along the northern edge of the Valley on Rinaldi. We make a pass around Chatsworth Lake before heading out Mulholland Highway to cross to the coast on Malibu Canyon. We complete the circle by heading back to the start via Santa Monica. Most of the route is on familiar ground, but there are a few byways you might not have ridden before. Why not come out and give it a go. START: WESTWOOD PARK Sepulveda & Ohio.  From San Diego Frwy (405), off and east on Santa Monica Blvd, Left on Sepulveda and L on Ohio and R into Park.

Sunday, October 9  – 9:00 a.m. CORNER CAPER – PHASE II (Long 62, Medium 50 – 2400 feet, Short 32) Today we return to our home base at the “Corner” as we like to do every so often. Here we can join the usual Sunday Corner riders to see what they are up to. Unfortunately, in recent months the weekly Corner ride has not been very well attended. Perhaps by starting this ride there today we might induce some of the former Corner riders to come back at least for the day. If they choose to join us today here is what they can expect: The long and medium go out to the valley (over Benedict Cyn) and head east. They travel through Griffith Park to the Eagle Rock area and the long makes an extra loop up to the Rose Bowl area before rejoining the medium riders for the return along Mulholland and down Franklin Cyn. As is often the case, the short route doesn’t go to the valley. Instead it is half of an old route we used to run called Movie Star Madness. This route is so old, we are pretty sure none of the stars listed on the route still live in the houses indicated (many aren’t even alive). But its an interesting ride anyway. So, let’s all meet at the “Corner” just like they used to do, and enjoy some rides. START:  THE CORNER, Olympic Blvd, 1 block west of La Cienega in Beverly Hills.  From the Santa Monica Frwy (10), off & north La Cienega 1 miles, L – Olympic 1 block to R – Le Doux.

Sunday, October 16 – 8:30 a.m. MOUNT WILSON (Long 51, Extended Long 68, Medium 34, Short 25) I have sort of made going up to Wilson in October an annual tradition. It’s the best month for going there. December through February is no good because it may be too cold at the top and there may even be snow. March might be good, but after that we are into the training rides and the heat of summer. That leaves October and November and the days are longer in October. So here we are – it’s October and we are ready to make our trip to the best known peak in LA. Wilson is a very iconic ride and something you can tell your non-cycling friends about. And it’s not an impossible climb. One of the last rides Pam Leven ever did with the club was her first trip up to Wilson. She wasn’t known for doing big climbs but I still have a photo of her at the top and there is a clear look of satisfaction on her face at having accomplished this feat. I love to see people accomplish something they didn’t know they could do. There is no feeling like it. Only the two long routes go all the way to the top of Wilson. The standard long then returns back down the way you came while the extended long returns via Big Tujunga. The medium makes it as far as Clear Creek Station before returning. The Short simply tours the Pasadena area without going up Angeles Crest at all. Except for the short, obviously, there is a lot of climbing today, but the mileage is not that much, so take your time and enjoy the views. Also, one great advantage of this ride is that you can always cut it short, turnaround and just about coast back to the start. The snack bar up at Wilson (the Cosmic Café) should be open, but you might want to carry snacks just in case. There will be no other food available on this route. START:  BROOKSIDE PARK – just south of the Rose Bowl. From Ventura Frwy (134) or Pasadena Frwy (110), off & north on Orange Grove, L – Rosemont, L – Seco and L- Arroyo to Park on left.  Meet near the Aquatic Facility / tennis courts.

Thursday, October 20 – 7:30 p.m. MONTHLY MEMBER’S MEETING We keep resisting holding our monthly meeting out at Kermit Ganier’s home (even though he offers every month) because we think the drive out to Malibu will be too slow or busy. But to tell the truth, we have held the meeting at his home a couple of times now and both times the drive hasn’t been all that bad. Attendance hasn’t been so good however, but that’s because everyone thinks the drive will be too tough. Now that we know the drive isn’t something to be avoided, there is no excuse for not showing up at this month’s meeting. So why not come out and enjoy the Malibu hilltop views at Kermit’s home.  The meeting will be the usual thing. We will prepare Schedules for mailing followed by a meeting and plenty of gossip. Of course there will be refreshments. Many of you have probably been to Kermit’s home before since he has hosted the annual holiday party several times, but here is a chance to see it when it isn’t quite so crowded. You might as well give in and get used to the idea of meetings at Kermit’s home because we often have to scramble to find a host each month so it seems likely we will begin including Kermit in the rotation on a more regular basis. As an added inducement, he has a new dog now and this will be a chance to meet him. PLACE: KERMIT GANIER’S HOME – 3706 Malibu Country Dr. Take PCH north out to Malibu. Right on John Tyler Dr (first light after top of Pepperdine Hill) Immediate left on Malibu Country Drive. 3706 is near the top of the hill. Meeting night help: (310) 367-0458 

Sunday, October 23  8:30 a.m. REVEL THE ROLLIES II  (Long 56 – 3300 feet, Medium 40 – 1800 feet, Short 36) Today we ride past Cook’s Corner. They have a Wikipedia entry and here is a little history: The building was originally built in 1884 by Andrew Jackson Cook. (Wow – that’s old). It wasn’t until 1926 that Cook’s son converted it into a restaurant. A few years later (after prohibition ended) it became a bar. In 1975 the Cooks sold to two men who operated a motorcycle accessory company (Cheat’ah Engineering – apparently no longer in existence) and they made it over into a place where motorcyclists could meet in peace. In fact, to keep the peace, they made a rule that no motorcycle club colors could be worn at Cooks. The place was resold in the 1980s, but is still a major hangout for motorcyclists. When we get to Cook’s today, you will probably see at least 100 motorcycles parked there. How do we get there? Today both the long and medium routes pass by Cook’s Corner. The medium heads there fairly directly while the long makes an extended loop through Trabuco Canyon and Live Oak Canyon first. Together the two routes then continue through Santiago Canyon before circling around back to the start. Meanwhile, the short makes an easier tour around southern Orange County but with no trip to Cooks. All the canyons on the long ride make for a fairly scenic day and includes some of the few areas in Orange County that are not yet heavily developed. I don’t know if that rule about club colors still applies. We sometimes stop at Cooks to use the restrooms, so if you are wearing your club jersey, you are on your own.  START:  PINE TREE PARK in TUSTIN.  From Santa Ana Frwy (I-5) in Tustin, off & east on Redhill, L- Bryan one block to park.

Sunday, October 30, 8:30 a.m. DAVID DOES DESCANSO (long 37 & 3600 feet, medium 31, short 27) With a long route of only 37 miles, this has got to be one of our shortest set of routes, but there is a reason for that – it’s hilly. The one mile climb up Descanso for which the ride is named is the least of your worries. All routes head up to Descanso and have lunch in Montrose and then return together, but it’s the trip to Descanso that has the hills. The short takes a fairly direct route, but theres no avoiding the climb up Chevy Chase. The medium is the same, but adds a trip (climb) through the Mount Washington area first. This is a very pretty climb in an area we almost never ride and is well worth the extra effort. If thats not enough, the long gives you plenty more. It is the same as the medium except that it starts with a trip (climb) through Elysian Park and a fairly difficult climb up and over Camino San Rafael between Verdugo and Chevy Chase. The trip through Elysian Park is nice and gives you a view down into Dodger Stadium. On the off chance that the Dodgers are still in the playoffs at this point, maybe you can catch a glimpse of a game. The final climb on the long is very steep, but actually, it’s possible to skip it (I did last time). So why not gives these routes a shot. The distances are short, so you have plenty of time to stop and catch your breath. David Nakai (the creator of these routes) has said he won’t be able to make it today, but we can hope he will change his mind..START:  Los Angeles Zoo parking lot at the NORTH end. From Ventura (134) Frwy or Golden State Frwy (5), exit near Griffith Park at any exit marked by signs to the Zoo or to the Autry Museum. Follow signs into the park and to the Zoo lot.  Don’t confuse us with other groups which sometimes start here. 


Sunday, November 6 – 8:30 a.m.  APPLE BLOSSOM TIME (Long 54., Medium 36, Short 28). Today we head up to the apple growing area of Oak Glen. Historically, this ride was meant to be run in the spring – hence the title. But we have run it in the fall on occasion and I think it’s better at this time. There are a couple of reasons for this. One, it’s not likely to be so cold up there. Two, it is apple “picking” time so the apples in the pie at lunch are likely to be fresher. On the downside, the fall seems to bring out more tourists and the lunch locations may be very busy. The ride starts out in Redlands, which is a drive, but it’s worth it. (You got an extra hour of sleep last night as Daylight Saving ends, so you should be well rested for the drive.) We don’t ride this one very often, so you have to take advantage of it when we do. One nice thing about this ride is that its almost all uphill to lunch and then almost all downhill on the way back. Only the long and the medium head up to Oak Glen for apple pie. The Medium heads straight up to Oak Glen while the Long takes a roundabout path through Beaumont. The Short route doesn’t make it to Oak Glen, but tours the Redlands area. Really try and make this one. You wont regret it. It is a tough climb (it is one of the climbs on annual Breathless Agony ride) but the routes are not long so you can take your time and rest when you need it. And remember – almost all downhill after lunch. START: SYLVAN PARK in Redlands  Go east on San Bernardino Frwy (10) to Redlands, off and left on University.  Left on narrow road just after crossing RR tracks into park.

Saturday, November 12, 7:30 a.m. EAST ROAD, WEST ROAD, ALL AROUND DOWNTOWN (CLOCKWISE) (96 mi – 2700 feet) This is the official century of the month for November. We have two East Road, West Road centuries – each the reverse of the other. For a few reasons, I like this clockwise version better than the counter-clockwise one, so we are running it again even though it has been a longer time since we ran the other one.  The route is a big circle starting in Culver City and first heading downtown to ride through the heart of the city in the early morning hours. (One of the reasons I like clockwise better is that downtown is easier to ride through in the early morning.)  Then it’s on to Alhambra before continuing east and south towards Industry before reaching the first of only two moderate climbs of the day – Brea Canyon Cutoff. After that and the short climb up Fullerton Rd, you reach the titled roads of the day – East Road and West Road. (Another reason I like clockwise is that it is more fun to ride these two roads this direction.) After lunch in Whittier, you finish the circle by heading west and then north back to Culver City. (A final reason I like this route better is that the return after lunch is fairly flat.)  It is a distinctly urban century, but you will be surprised at how nice much of it is. East Road and West Road are always fun. Come join us and see for yourself.  START: CARLSON PARK in Culver City. From San Diego Frwy, off and east on either Culver or Washington (careful–neither exit actually put you directly on those streets). Right on Overland and Left on Braddock a few blocks to park.  We will meet near the restrooms. (Check parking signs around park – if you drive, you may need to park a block away.)

Sunday, November 13 – 9:00 a.m. HOLLYWOOD SIGN RIDE (Long 44 – 2500 feet, Medium 20 – 1500 feet) We haven’t ridden this one in two years. I was hoping to wait until some of the controversy over tourists visiting the sign died down. I’m not sure it has, but it is apparent that the problems local residents are having are mostly with tourists driving up to the sign. The last time we rode this one, we even spoke to a local resident who didn’t seem to mind bicyclists. So, let’s give it a try. There is only a long and medium ride today. The medium merely goes up to the sign and returns.  The long adds a loop through the valley after visiting the sign. But the sign is the thing. We not only go up to the Hollywood Sign, but actually get a bit above it where we can look down on the sign. There are plenty of other things to see from up there too. You can look down on both the Valley and Downtown. You have a nice view of the Hollywood reservoir from above. It’s really quite a view. Getting there is the trick. It’s a steep climb – at times, very steep. But remember, it’s only 10 miles up (and 10 miles back down). So take your time – walk a little if you must, but you can make it. So why not come on out and ride to this most iconic of all Los Angeles sites. You won’t be sorry. START:  THE “CORNER”, Olympic Blvd, 1 block west of La Cienega in Beverly Hills.  From the Santa Monica Frwy (10), off & north La Cienega 12 miles, L – Olympic 1 block to R- Le Doux.

Sunday, November 13 – 9:00 a.m. NEWCOMER RIDE This is our monthly ride for those new to club cycling and who would like to give it a try. It has been successful in the past and often our new riders have ended up becoming members of the club. Club riding has a lot of advantages. Riding with a club provides an established schedule of rides and many like-minded riding companions to help keep you motivated. Club rides take you on time-tested routes which cover a wide range of places you might not otherwise know about. But if you are not familiar with club cycling, this ride is for you. This ride is meant for those new to club or group riding and who might be unsure about the etiquette or protocol of group riding. It’s a chance to learn the ropes on a short ride with a patient leader who will introduce the fun of club riding and answer all your questions. Today newcomers will have a choice. If they feel up for it, they can join the club on the scheduled ride to the Hollywood sign (see above description). That is a very difficult climb and often beyond the abilities of newcomers, so there will be an alternative ride for you. You can expect an easy ride of about 20 miles. This month’s Newcomer Ride is being led by Mel Cutler. Ask for him when you arrive. START: THE “CORNER”, Olympic Blvd, 1 block west of La Cienega in Beverly Hills. From the Santa Monica Frwy (10), off & north La Cienega 12 miles, L – Olympic 1 block to R- Le Doux. 

Thursday, November 17  7:30 p.m. MONTHLY MEMBERS MEETING. Last month we gave in to Kermit’s monthly offer to hold our meeting at his home in Malibu. Well, Treasurer Ira Kucheck also makes a monthly offer of his home on Balboa Island for our meeting. Last February, we finally gave in and agreed to make the trek down there. Those of us who went agreed that the drive wasn’t as bad as we had thought it would be. Also, parking on the island, which might be tough in the summer months, was plentiful in the off season. So, we have decided to take Ira up on his offer once again this month. Other than the novel location, the meeting should be much the same as usual. Send out schedules and discuss club business. So why not come on out. Just allot a little extra time for the drive and certainly try to carpool. It should be fine. PLACE: 120½ Agate Ave, Balboa Island. Take the 405 Frwy south and transition to the 73 South in Costa Mesa. Exit and go right (south) at Jamboree Rd. Go 3.5 miles to the end and across bridge onto Balboa Island. Go Right on Park Ave. and Left on Agate to 120 ½ (blue house on left) Ira is in the upstairs unit. Meeting night directions: (949) 394-4721.

Sunday, November 20 – 8:30 a.m. NORTH ORANGE COUNTY TREK (Long 69, Medium 53, Short 39) The name says “North Orange County” but the long and medium routes today spend most of their time in Riverside County. We could have called this the “East Riverside Trek.” The “Trek” part might be right however. “Trek” implies a journey into rough and lightly populated areas. That might describe much of today’s routes. Both the long and medium head east through Santa Ana Canyon to Corona (which is in Riverside County). The long continues east all the way to the edge of Riverside. The long then makes an interesting loop back through places such as Norco (where horses seem to outnumber cars) to rejoin the medium route for lunch in Chino Hills (still Riverside County). The two routes return together through Carbon Canyon, finally re-entering Orange County on the downhill side of that canyon. The short does stay in Orange County as it heads to Yorba Linda and the Santa Ana Canyon area before returning. We ride Orange County all the time, but don’t get to Riverside County very often, so come trek with us and explore some new territory. START:  CHAPMAN PARK in Fullerton.  From the Orange Frwy (57) off and west on Chapman, L – Commonwealth, L – San Carlos to Park.

Thursday, November 24, 9:00 a.m. THANKSGIVING DAY RIDE (Long 39 – 1100 feet, Medium 36 – 1000 feet, Short 27) Most people still refer to this day as Thanksgiving, but in the future it will probably become known as Black Friday Eve. On Black Friday Eve, families gather for a large meal to give them strength to go out and stand in line for hours at stores which will open at midnight. They will also need their strength to battle through the mobs of people all attempting to get one of the only 5 hi-def TVs on sale for $100. There may still be talk of giving thanks around the dinner table, but it will be mostly about giving thanks for the great sales coming up the next day. Macy’s will still have their parade (to advertise their own sales) and there will still be football on TV (to advertise other sales). And we will still hold this annual ride. After all, a little exercise in the morning will help you maintain the cardio-vascular fitness and the leg strength needed to push through the crowds at the stores. Our routes today are old standards. The long and medium head to the Palisades. Then they head down to the Marina for a break before returning to the start. (The difference between the long and medium  one uses the bike path while the other uses streets.) The short skips the Palisades, and heads directly to the Marina. All routes are short and easy, leaving you plenty of time to go home and have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with the family. Last year the Starbucks in the Marina was hopping. It makes sense – you gotta be hopped up on caffeine to stay awake in those lines later tonight. START:  THE “CORNER”, Olympic Blvd, 1 block west of La Cienega in Beverly Hills.  From the Santa Monica Frwy (10), off & north La Cienega 1 miles, L – Olympic 1 block to R- Le Doux.

Sunday, November 27 – 8:30 a.m. FLINTRIDGE EXPRESS (Long 57 – 4000 feet, Medium 38 – 2100 feet, Short 30 – 800 feet) With a starting location in Monterey Park, you might not expect it, but today’s ride is really for climbers. At least the long route is. The medium and short are not so bad. But since most riders seem to be doing the long routes these days, let’s talk about that. At 4000 feet of gain in only 57 miles, that’s a lot of climbing. And it’s not in long mountain climbs. Much of it is in relatively short but very steep climbs. We start off with some hills in Monterey Park. I don’t normally think of Monterey Park as a hilly place, but you will be surprised. Then we head over to La Canada/Flintridge and ride up Crown and Starlight Crest. This is very steep but take it slow and bring low gears and you can do it. The heavy climbing is over after Flintridge, but there is another good climb in Pasadena and a final hill back in Monterey Park. I used to feel a little apologetic for tough routes like this, but the truth is, many of our riders like this kind of thing and attendance never seems to go down when we have a tough ride. So why not come out and test your legs. Besides, as I said, if that sounds like too much, there is always the medium. It skips the hills in Monterey Park and takes a less hilly route over to Flintridge, but it doesn’t miss all the fun. Once in Flintridge, the medium riders go down Chevy Chase to Eagle Rock before returning to the start. And there is always the short route. It hardly does any hills at all. It doesn’t go to Flintridge. It spends a relatively flat day in Alhambra, South Pasadena, San Marino, Arcadia and Pasadena. So, sounds like we have something for everyone. Now you have been properly warned and I make no further apologies. Join us. You might be surprised what you can do. START:  BARNES PARK in MONTEREY PARK.  From San Bernardino Frwy (I-10), off & south on Garfield, R – Newmark, L – McPherrin to the Park. Park where you can – we’ll meet at corner of McPherrin & Park Ave.

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