Current Schedule

By Rod Doty, VP

 Each week, the routes offered will be available on the Web. Click on “Upcoming Rides.” Download the routes and bring them with you to the ride start.
NOTE: During the current surge in COVID-19 infections, it has been decided that our club does not wish to encourage large group rides. However, it does not want to discourage cycling in a responsible manner. Therefore, we will continue to provide a general ride schedule and route sheets as a resource to our members seeking places and routes to ride. However, specific start dates and times will not be provided. Instead, rides will be scheduled for an entire week and route sheets will be available on the club web site during that week. Two week’s worth of routes will usually be available on a rolling basis. Riders are encouraged to ride these routes on a specific day and time of their own choosing. Riders may wish to make their own arrangements to ride with others but should conform to current guidelines for group events which stipulate that group gatherings of persons from more than one household are prohibited, and that the use of social distancing (minimum 6 feet apart)  and masks is required.  As we expect and hope that these measures are temporary, please check back periodically for updates to the current guidelines.   

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