Route Overview

Bike Trails Galore

Sunday, January 15th, 8:30 a.m.

Start Location: WILDERNESS PARK in Downey.  From the Santa Ana Frwy (I-5) South bound, take the Florence Exit (which is actually off the transition lanes between the 5 and the 605), cross Florence and then go R on Little Lake Rd to park.  Park in lot or on the street (lot sometimes fills early).

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  • Long – 69 miles – 1400 feet of elevation gain (barometric)
  • Medium – 52 miles – 1000 feet of elevation gain (mapping software)
  • Short – 37 miles – 600 feet of elevation gain (mapping software)
  • Shorter Short – 24 miles – 300 feet of elevation gain (mapping software)

The word “galore” comes from the Irish phrase go lear which literally translates as “to sufficiency.” I don’t think English has borrowed all that many words from the Irish, which is a little surprising considering their proximity. But then, historically, the English had little regard for the Irish and probably disdained to use any of their words. Well, all that has nothing to do with today’s ride except that I think you will have a sufficiency of bike trails when you are done today. Here is what is in store for you: For the long, we start with the San Gabriel River trail up to the Santa Fe Dam. Then its the Rio Hondo south to the LA River Trail and the Long Beach Bike Path over to Seal Beach for lunch. Then it’s the San Gabriel Trail again back to the start. That’s four different trails. The medium is much the same, except it does not go all the way to the Santa Fe Dam. The short is similar to the medium except that it doesn’t go all the way south to Long Beach. It is pleasant riding, with almost no hills  how can you go wrong? Tomorrow is Martin Luther King Day so for some this is a three day weekend. Why not come out and do a holiday ride with us?

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All routes will now contain elevation gain data.  If this data is obtained through actual experience with a barometric altimeter (more accurate), this will be indicated. If this is based on mapping data (less accurate and usually higher), this will be indicated.