Route Overview

Cal Poly By Golly

Sunday, September 25th, 8:30 a.m. 

Start Location: PUENTE HILLS MALL in Industry.  From the Pomona Frwy (60), off and south on Azusa Avenue.  L – on Colima and L into Mall Parking lot.  We park on top of the rise near Colima (away from Mall buildings) and immediately across from Shabaram County Park.

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  • Long – 65 miles – 3300 feet of elevation gain (barometric)
  • Medium – 45 miles – 2600 feet of elevation gain (barometric)
  • Short – 29 miles – 1200 feet of elevation gain (mapping software)

The phrase “By Golly” is supposedly a euphemism for “By God” used to avoid taking the name of God in vain. In this case however, I don’t think we were attempting to avoid sin so much as just trying to find something that rhymes with “Cal Poly.” In any case, “By Golly” is an antiquated phrase, which fits with these routes because they are pretty old as well. No surprise, the destination of all of today’s routes is Cal Poly Pomona where we will ride through the campus. My favorite part is where we pass the sheep, pigs and steers which are part of the school of agriculture. The long and medium stay together over to the college and then on to Puddingstone reservoir. The long splits off at this point to do a loop taking them over Carbon Canyon and Brea Canyon while the medium heads more directly back to the start. The short takes a fairly direct route to the college and back. Our own David Nakai is an alumnus and if he makes the ride, he always enjoys pointing out the many changes to the campus since he was there. So Gosh darn it – why not join us today. I wonder – did people actually think changing a few letters would fool an omnipotent God.

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All routes will now contain elevation gain data.  If this data is obtained through actual experience with a barometric altimeter (more accurate), this will be indicated. If this is based on mapping data (less accurate and usually higher), this will be indicated.