Los Angeles Wheelmen 75th Anniversary Apparel

The Voler 75th Anniversary collection is now open for ordering.  I asked the Voler rep about socks & they don’t have any custom socks, but he suggested these that would match/coordinate:      here   &    here

We have recently had requests for the LA Wheelmen 75th jerseys et al, so we are opening another order.  This is the link:  


In addition to the usual shorts, bibs, jerseys, jackets, vests & gaiters, arm warmers will be available in 2 different weights.  These arms warmers will match up with other Wheelmen clothing you may have, as well.  

We have a 25-item minimum, so we have to meet that for the order to go through.  The end date to order will be Sept 12.

Take a look.  Tell your friends.
Questions to Nancy Domjanovich: Club Apparel Coordinator or text 310-415-8285.