Cycling Safety Certification Classes

Message from Kermit…

I have been talking with John Clare (Vice President Adobo Velo) about the velodrome and found that he too was working on getting some dates on the velodrome for some time now. The cost for private track rental is $520 per session. This included the bike rental and private coaching for riders that are not yet certified. This cost will be split between everyone that shows up. The more of us that show up to ride the cheaper it is for each individual. For riders that are not yet certified this is a great opportunity. If you are able to attend 4 of these sessions and are deemed competent you will be certified. The normal certification costs $250. At this cost six riders would be the break even number at about $42 per person for each class.  This being said there will certainly be more than that attending each session between Adobo and LAW members attending.  Learning to ride at the velodrome is, in my opinion, the best way to become a more competent rider on the road.  The confidence you will gain on the bike, with the skills you will have learned, your time on the bike will be safer.

Encino Velodrome
17301 Oxnard St.
Los Angeles, California 91316

Anyone interested please contact Kermit Ganier:  (310)367-0458 – c  (310)456-8125 – h Kermit Ganier