Newcomer Rides

The LA Wheelmen suspended our wildly popular monthly “Newcomers’ Ride” during the heart of the pandemic in strict conformance with local health mandates.  Recognizing that many LA residents took up or resumed solo or family cycling during the pandemic, as well as the broad availability of highly effective vaccines, we voted to resume these rides in September 2021 and post them on for maximum exposure.   Our “Newcomers’ Ride” is not only for beginners, although beginners are always welcome on LA Wheelmen rides, but are held for riders (including these “new” riders mentioned above) who typically ride alone and are interested in expanding their horizons in terms of routes, learning to ride in groups, or just getting to know the bike-friendly LA. 

Want to join social rides but afraid to join a group ride because will it be too fast or too far? Will it be too slow or too short?  Will the riders be polite at first but spend time talking to friends they have been riding with for years?  Will they take frequent rest room breaks or just hammer straight through? 

This Newcomer ride will address all these issues before the start by developing a few routes each month with a nominal length of 20 miles and moderate climbing, but typically with a longer and more difficult option to extend to noon or so. We also try to offer a shorter “beginners” route of around 10 miles without gratuitous climbs.

Experienced leaders pre-ride each route during the prior week to check on the latest conditions and post updated information on the group Los Angeles Bicycling. The group rides together or regroups at set locations, depending on the mix of riders.   For most rides, there may be no refreshment breaks or a quick stop at a park for riders to consume nutrition that they bring with them. 

It is our intent to offer Newcomer Rides at different venues in Los Angeles County to attract a variety of riders.  Currently we are alternating monthly start points on the West Side and the LA Zoo. For general questions, feel free to contact us at  Check the “upcoming rides” on this web site for the next scheduled ride.