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Beaches to Brea Canyon Centuries

Sunday, February 18th, 7:30 a.m. 

Start Location: POLLYWOG PARK in Manhattan Beach. From San Diego Frwy off and West on Manhattan Beach Blvd (Inglewood Blvd Exit). Go 1.4 miles to park. Park on the street near the east side of the park.

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Despite being an urban century this route moves right along, which is a good thing because the days are still fairly short this time of year. It’s probably because the route rides a lot of bike trails with no stops and an 11 mile stretch on Del Amo Blvd which usually seems to go by fairly fast. We start by heading down to Long Beach to ride the Long Beach Bike Trail and then up the Coyote Creek bike trail about 9 miles. We work our way over to Brea and ride up Brea Canyon before the downhill on Pathfinder. Then it’s on to East Road and West Road which is always fun. We will be riding it in the direction which I think is easier. Then it is back along the river and that Del Amo stretch. There are some ups and downs (including a short but sweet climb on 190th St.) but most of the climbing is spread throughout the ride and is usually not very steep. The metric century (new this year) is much the same as the full century but simply cuts out the center portion of that route. This cuts out the trip up Brea Canyon and the ride over East Road and West Road, but leaves you with a fairly easy route as far east as Buena Park and back. Riding from the beach to Brea and back sounds more impressive than it probably really is, so why not join us and then you can impress your non-cycling friends. 

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