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Thanksgiving Day Ride

Thursday, November 23rd, 9:00 a.m.

Start Location: THE “CORNER”, Olympic Blvd, 1 block west of La Cienega in Beverly Hills.  From the Santa Monica Frwy (10), off & north La Cienega 1 miles, L – Olympic 1 block to R- Le Doux.

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The big question in my mind this Thanksgiving is whether Trump will pardon the turkey. He breaks with tradition on so many things, who knows if the turkey will live or die this year. I imagine if he doesn’t do it, there will be many “Save the Turkey” rallies across the country. Maybe this ride will have to be cancelled because of the crowds in the street. But assuming that doesn’t happen, we will be riding our usual Thanksgiving ride today. Our routes are old standards. The long and medium head to the Palisades where we may well see a live turkey. A couple of them have been there the last several years. We thought they were going to be gone last year, but the owners had not moved away as planned, so the turkeys were still there. After the Palisades, we head down to the Marina for a break before returning to the start. (The difference between the long and medium  one uses the bike path while the other uses streets.) The short skips the Palisades, and heads directly to the Marina. All routes are short and easy, leaving you plenty of time to go home and have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner (since most turkeys don’t get a pardon). Now that I think of it, Trump wouldn’t have the heart to announce he was not going to pardon the turkey – he would have his Secretary of Agriculture make the announcement. 

Winding Roads of Orange County

Sunday, November 26th, 8:30 a.m.   

Start Location: PINE TREE PARK in TUSTIN.  From Santa Ana Frwy (I-5) in Tustin, off & east on Redhill, L- Bryan one block to park.

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If you ate too much on Thanksgiving and have been indulging in leftovers the last two days, you might feel the need to work off some of those extra calories. Why not join your fellow club members and work them off together. Today’s routes are perfect. The climbing is mostly long gentle grades so you won’t be working too hard, but you will still burn plenty of calories. All three routes stay together for the first 17 miles, so you can wait and see just how many calories you want to burn off today before deciding which route you want to finish today. The long and medium are similar but the long adds a loop (and a hill) in the middle before rejoining the Medium. The short makes its own way back to the start. The riding is pleasant. The roads of Orange County really are winding. Except for the ending stretch on Irvine Blvd which is as straight as an arrow for many miles, I don’t think you ever travel much more than half a mile without at least curving a little. I think this makes for a more interesting ride rather than simply staring ahead into an endless straightaway. So come on down and wind around with us today and burn off some of that extra turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes.

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