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Mount Wilson

Sunday, October 21st, 8:30 a.m.

Start Location: BROOKSIDE PARK – just south of the Rose Bowl. From Ventura Frwy (134) or Pasadena Frwy (110), off & north on Orange Grove, L – Rosemont, L – Seco and L- Arroyo to Park on left.  Meet near the Aquatic Facility / tennis courts.

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Riding to Mount Wilson in October has become something of a tradition in the past few years. It’s the last month before the Cosmic Café closes up for the winter and it is generally cool enough for the long climb. Last year there was a fire on Mount Wilson and we couldn’t go up to the top. Most of us only went as far as Clear Creek or Red Box with a few going on the Newcomb’s Ranch. Well let’s keep our fingers crossed that we can get to the top this year. The food at the Cosmic Café is rather unremarkable, but after the long climb to the top it is surprising how good a hot dog and chips can taste. I’ve said this before, but I think going up to Wilson is sort of an iconic ride for all Southern California cyclists – something all complete cyclists should do at least once. I know some of you are thinking it’s too hard. Well, consider this – it’s only 48 miles and only half of that is uphill. So you’ve got 24 miles of climbing – not so bad. And the climbing is never excessively steep – the worst of it comes near the beginning.  So, you can just take your time – enjoy the Fall scenery and you can make it. And if it really proves to be too much for you, you can always turn around at any point and practically coast all the way back to the start. Only the three long routes go all the way to the top of Wilson. The standard long then returns back down the way you came while both extended long routes return either via Big Tujunga or a trip on to Newcomb’s Ranch. The medium makes it as far as Clear Creek Station before returning. The Short simply tours the Pasadena area without going up Angeles Crest at all. So why not give it a try. You might really surprise yourself and the feeling you get at the top is terrific. I was with Pam Leven the one and only time she went up there and you should have seen the smile on her face.

David Does Descanso

Sunday, October 28th, 8:30 a.m.

Start Location: Los Angeles Zoo parking lot at the NORTH end. From Ventura (134) Frwy or Golden State Frwy (5), exit near Griffith Park at any exit marked by signs to the Zoo or to the Autry Museum.  Follow signs into the park and to the Zoo lot.  We will be meeting at the NORTH end by the Camel sign.  Don’t confuse us with other groups which sometimes start here.

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The David of the title is David Nakai. He has been so busy this year piling up randonneuring miles that he hasn’t been riding much with the club. So, I think it is doubtful he will be joining us today on his ride. That’s a shame, but let’s not let it dampen our enthusiasm for this great set of rides. With a long route of only 37 miles, this has got to be one of our shortest set of routes, but there is a reason for that – it’s hilly. The one mile climb up Descanso for which the ride is named is the least of your worries. All routes head up to Descanso and have lunch in Montrose and then return together, but it’s the trip to Descanso that has the hills. The short takes a fairly direct route, but theres no avoiding the climb up Chevy Chase. The medium is the same, but adds a trip (climb) through the Mount Washington area first. If thats not enough, the long gives you plenty more. It is the same as the medium except that it starts with a trip (climb) through Elysian Park and a difficult climb up and over Camino San Rafael between Verdugo and Chevy Chase. The trip through Elysian Park is nice and gives you a view down into Dodger Stadium (where they may be playing game 5 of the World Series if they are lucky). The climb through Mount Washington is very pretty too. The final climb on the long is very steep and goes on for about 2 miles. So why not gives these routes a shot. The distances are short, so you have plenty of time to stop and catch your breath. He might not be there, but make David proud.

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