Grand Tour Lite – 2019 (Century Plus – difficult climb)

Distance: 113 miles and 4000 feet of elevation gain (mapping software)

This route starts with a relatively easy 41 mile loop around the Oxnard area which brings you back to the VFW for the first rest stop. (This is the same loop ridden by the 41 mile option below.)  After leaving the VFW the second time, the route takes you east to Potrero Rd which is a very difficult climb. The second rest stop is shortly after the top of this climb.  The route then continues east all the way to Simi Valley and then back west to Moorpark for the final rest stop.  After this last rest stop the route continues west on a moderately hilly course in the hills north of Moorpark. The route then descends into Somis and Camarillo and continues west back to the start in Port Hueneme.  The climb up Potrero is very difficult but is the only major climb on the route. There are a few moderate climbs  in the Moorpark area.